Thursday, February 16, 2006

William Larsen for Indiana's 3rd US Representative Seat

I believe it is time to solve the problem facing Social Security, balance both the general and unified budgets and, reduce the national debt instead of just more political talk and rhetoric.

Those who serve our country need to be trained and be provided the equipment necessary to carry out the tasks assigned to them. We should never knowingly send our men and women into combat with out-dated equipment, poor training or poor planning.

The United States does not have an Energy plan for the future, but a plan to use the same energy sources we use today, tomorrow. Oil is running out and we are dependent on foreign countries. Nuclear, which I have a great deal of experience with, has a problem with waste disposal. Because our politicians have failed to open the Yucca Mountain Repository, Nuclear Power plants are fast approaching full core reserve limits in their spent fuel pools. This means they will soon have to shut down operation. Ethanol requires we use fossil fuels to create it. This method uses nearly as much energy if not more to convert grain to ethanol than ethanol contains. Ethanol based on its energy content in relationship to gasoline should cost 30% less than regular gas. E-85 should cost $1.61 when gas is $2.30. Our country and standard of living depends on cheap dependable energy. We need to move away from our old energy consumption habits and develop truly cheap, renewable, clean and dependable sources.

Many workers are finding it more difficult to become vested in pensions and 401K plans and if they are vested too many companies are not properly funding them. If you are laid off, due to no fault of your own, you should be vested in company matching 401K, profit sharing and pension plans. We need Pension, 401K and profit Sharing reform to protect workers rights.

Americans need and want tax reform. Many middle class taxpayers are being hit with the minimum alternative tax. Americans and Business spend too much on determining their taxes. Why should one company profit at the expense of another simply because a politician wants to give your money away in the form of special tax credit or exemption? The tax code is too complex, too large and adds no value to society. There is no reason why the tax code cannot be simplified so that it is fair to all.

Identity theft affected 9.2 million in 2004. The individual needs to be able to control what information is sold and distributed to third parties.

The federal government has created a mess of our educational system. They take our tax dollars and then dole them back to us with strings attached. Who is better informed about your child’s education, you or your US representative? Control of education must be returned to the states and ultimately the local citizens.

The war on terrorism is encroaching on our personal freedoms. We must be vigilant and stand up to any infringement on our rights. No individual or president has the right to violate an individual’s rights and freedoms without due process.

Our country’s borders are open allowing many to cross as they please. They come here in search of a better life. However, we need control and we need it now. It affects our infrastructure.

"On-us" check cashing reform. It is not honorable to charge a fee to a non-account holder at the bank the check is drawn on. The bank is providing a service to the account holder, not the endorsee. All employer paychecks need to be readily cashable in a local bank without fees and surcharges at the bank on which they are drawn.

I am a navy veteran and hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My expertise is in solving difficult complex problems.

Myths: The Political Tools of Choice

Please read the Larsen plan for Social Security.


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