Monday, March 20, 2006

News Sentinel Questionnaire

All candidates were sent a questionnaire from the News Sentinel. For those interested you can read my submitted questionnaire.


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Bartleby said...

That link doesn't work very well. And, truth to tell, what I see on your regular web site does look sort of single-issue ... or at least, one BIG issue and some little ones.

At 12:27 AM, Blogger William Larsen said...

Is a $726 Billion deficit or continuous deficits since 1959 small? With Social Security broke and unable to pay scheduled benefits, will pensions and 401K's be enough? With jobs going over seas, is it smart to look at raising FICA taxes or other taxes, thereby making the cost of doing business in the US more expensive, which makes shipping what jobs we have here over seas more attractive? The War is a big issue. If you think my other issues are little ones, would you please identify for me a large problem and another candidate that is addressing that with a defined plan?

Campaign sites of candidates for Indiana's 3rd District U.S. Representative.

Have you checked out our U.S. Representative's Campaign site? There is not a single issue listed and uses 157 words. You can volunteer your time, contact Mark and contribute to his campaign.

Check out Dr. Hayhurst's web site. Does he list any issues and if so does he have a plan? Dr. Hayhurst says he is for affordable healthcare, but we all want that. What does he mean by affordable? What is his plan? From what I see, he wants another task force or commission to study the issue.

As for the link, it is a pdf file and five pages long. It will take time to load. I just tried it and it took less than 20 seconds. Could be the time of day you attempted to access it and your server.

My site lists my issues. I think I have explained in more detail my issues and what I want to do than any other candidate. Why did I pick Social Security? It definitely has problems. Social Security affects nearly every U.S. Citizen, it has had the largest tax hikes of any tax, it has had funding problems since 1937, more people pay more in Social Security Old Age Survivors Tax than federal income taxes, this program has the single largest unfunded liability of any program at over $14 Trillion and growing by $2 billion a day and can pay but 73% of scheduled benefits without Cost of Living Allowance starting around 2041 and decreasing to 63% by 2060. I have devoted a large amount of material to support my position so that I can answer any question on social security you might have. Now you have to make a decision, how important is social security to you?

If you were born after 1985, the very best you will ever do is be paid 29 cents in benefits for every equivalent dollar you paid in social security old age tax. If social security were a value meal that you could get at just about any fast food restaurant, Social Security would charge you $13.79.

Social Security has calculated that today’s young workers as a group will earn a zero to possibly 1% equivalent return on social security contributions.

The Cost of Money is generally the highest rate of interest you are paying. Applying the Social Security tax to reduce the number of loan payments would be an excellent way to create wealth.

The average worker applying the Social Security tax each month to a mortgage reduces a 30-year mortgage to less than 14-1/2 years. Now make the very same payment of principal, interest and Social Security tax into 5% US Savings bonds for the remaining payments of the original term. At the end of 30 years the worker would have a home plus $370,646. This $370,646 is the value attributed to the Social Security tax being used to pay off the mortgage early.

The Social Security Administration has stated they can pay but 73% of benefits. This means the effective interest rate paid on our Social Security taxes is close to zero if not negative. Assuming a 1% return the value at the end of 30 years for the Social Security benefit is $177,807. The mortgage application method improved the net-worth of the worker by $192,839.

Can you name one other problem that is larger, that affects more people or is adding more liabilities faster than Social Security?

At 9:38 AM, Blogger Bartleby said...

"As for the link, it is a pdf file and five pages long. It will take time to load. I just tried it and it took less than 20 seconds. Could be the time of day you attempted to access it and your server."

No, it wasn't the time required; it was the dialog that popped up, telling me that I wasn't allowed access to the document. If I ever get to see it, maybe I'll know more about your multi-issue status. If you make prospective voters jump through too many hoops to get your information, you can hardly blame them for losing interest.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger William Larsen said...

bartleby, I have had some who participate on the AARP forum have a similar problem loading a pdf file. What they found out was it was their host server that kept them from loading the file. You are the first I have had on a blog stating they cannot open a link. I use Mazilla Firefox as a browser and have no problem, though I have had some that use Microsoft Explorer have problems. The solution for you is to copy the link to your address bar and access it that way. Let me know if you have a problem with that. I am sorry for the trouble.


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