Friday, September 14, 2007

Sign, sign, no where a sign!

I am told the radio stations were having a good time with the new sign ordinance passed recently by the Fort Wayne City Council. Callers were saying their neighbor had a sign up advertising a B-day party, Concordia had signs up advertising a fish fry, all you can eat pancakes at United Convenant and more.

These very same politicians, Talarico, Crawford, Pape and others abused the right of ways in previous elections, not putting up just one sign, but rows upon rows of signs. It was ok for them to use signs, but now once they are elected, have name recognition, they say no to free speech.

Our elected representatives need to be responsive, responsible, trustworthy, thrifty and honest. They should be role models for the public. Instead they are saying to the public "do as I say, not as I have done."


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