Thursday, August 14, 2008

Indiana Lottery

Our Governor now wants to privatize the lottery. He states we can get $1 billion up front for leasing it to a private concern. He proposes to use the money to fund scholarships.

Call me mean or greedy, but having a wife who paid her way through college and I having paid my way through college, I still ask why do we the taxpayers need to fund other people's college educations? Don't get me wrong, college can be useful. However, we have so many attending college now that not all can find positions that utilize this college degree.

This mindset of leasing government "property" to private concerns to operate and make a profit from has me baffled. If the state makes more money by doing this, then the state must really be messed up in administering programs (we all know this).

Before adding another government program, we should pay down debt and reduce taxes first.

I think Mitch has not seen a green back he does not want to spend or a government property he does not want to lease. Maybe we should lease the governor's position? How much could we save?


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