Saturday, April 04, 2009

Alcohol Tax may double, why?

The Indiana Assembly voted to double the alcohol tax to pay for sport arenas. I guess this proves that sport arenas do not pay for themselves. What is it with government that they need to do everything for everybody? Harrison Square is a fiasco and it is not open yet. Does anyone really think it will generate revenues anywhere near enough to pay the taxpayers back let alone the interest on the bonds the taxpayers are on the hook to pay?

The restaurant tax was implemented to pay for the expansion of the coliseum and was set to expire when the bonds were paid. Now Fort Wayne wants the Coliseum to be under the management of the city instead of Allen County. This way they get the revenues instead of the county. If this happens, look for a name change or most likely selling the rights to name it to some non-profit or profit entity, they do not care as long as they get more money.


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