Thursday, February 16, 2006

Does Anyone Have Tar and Feathers?

Our representatives passed a $400 Billion Rx drug bill for seniors after running a $639 Billion deficit in 2003. Now we learn the $400 Billion was low and the projected cost is $535 Billion. How have we gotten to such a terrible financial state? According the US Treasury, the National Debt has increased every year since the 50’s. The so-called surplus under Clinton’s term was achieved using Enron Accounting methods.

We need to get back to basics. I hear time after time “We are the richest country on earth.” Is this true? It may have been decades ago, but after running continuous deficits by promising ever more in services and benefits without paying for them, we have mortgaged our children’s future. We cannot afford everything and we need to break this habit of satisfying our desires by borrowing money. If we as a country truly want Rx drug coverage for seniors, then we need to increase taxes to cover it instead of adding $535 Billion to the national debt. If we want Social Security, then we need to increase taxes sufficient to cover the more than $86,000 debt that each adult has incurred. If we want Medicare, then we need to increase taxes by more than $40,000 per adult to cover the debt each adult has incurred.

Our national debt is consuming over $450 billion of our revenues just to pay the finance cost, no principal. Adding more debt is stupid. We can no longer ignore the tough decisions; our politicians have made that choice for us. Join me in voting out every politician in Washington and replace them with common sense individuals who understand the value of your tax dollars.


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