Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tracy Warner

Tracy Warner posted on his blog "This year, we saw no need to interview William Larsen, who is making his bi-annual run against Mark Souder, or David Roach, who is making his regular run for office -- any office." Well that clears that up. In 2002, 3% of the voters supported me. In 2004, 21% of the voters supported me. On May 2 we will see how large my support has grown.

I spent six hours at IUPU Monday and spoke with well over 50 different individuals. Some came back an hour or two later to ask more questions. One individual thought it was neat that an actual candidate was out speaking with the public and said all candidates should do this.

I handed out all my copies of "Snookered" which is my mini series on Social Security. I am now looking at shrinking it down to place on my web site so all can look at it.

I handed out well over 1,000 fliers and buttons. Out of all the people that passed by, less than 20 would not take a flier. Some democrats even asked if they could vote for me this primary. In this primary you will be asked if you want to vote in the Republican or Democrat primary. If you are a democrat, but wish to vote for William Larsen, all you need to do on May 2 is say you wish to vote in the republican primary.

I will be back at IUPU on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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