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The National ID Act - Does it increase Security?

The News Sentinel had a decent editorial on the National ID act by Paul F. Double. It appears Paul’s point of view is that “Federally and state-imposed standards for drivers' licenses and ID cards make a mockery of federalism and the 10th Amendment.”

Paul correctly points out “The legislation also grants open-ended authority to the Secretary of Transportation, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, to require biometic information on IDs in the future. Your harmless-looking driver's license could contain a retina scan, fingerprints, DNA information or radio-frequency technology.

Has government ever stopped encroaching on freedoms once it has begun just picking at them? Let me take the first piece of information that is required under the National ID Act of 2005. The Social Security Act was passed in 1935. Social Security Administration Publication SSA-05-100023 states applying for a social security number is voluntary.

For many years the Social Security Card had printed on them “Not for identification.”

Internal Revenue Code 26 USC 6109(c) passed in 1961 states the Secretary is to assign an identifying number to any person. Section 6109(d) grants the Secretary authority to require those who have social security numbers to use said numbers as their taxpayer identification number or to use some other number at their discretion.

Now we are giving authorization to deny rights, privileges and benefits to those who do not want a social security number. Now why would a person not want a social security number?

  • Minimize identity theft. Without a social security number government agencies must create a unique number.
  • Might think Social Security is a fraud (won’t be there) and are planning on not receiving any benefits. The problem for many is it may be their plan, but in the back of their mind social security is a back up plan, crutch or safety net. It makes implementing their plan more difficult. It would be similar to being an alcoholic with a beer sitting in front of them tempting them to fall off the wagon.
  • Religious views.
The Social Security Number is the most common used identifier in the United States. It is also the most un-secure number as well. The VA lost 26.5 Million individuals’ data, insurance companies, colleges, public schools and health providers computers are routinely hacked for this information. The Indiana BMV denied a driver’s license to an individual because they had previously issued a drivers license to someone using his number. This person had not only waited at the BMV for hours the first time, but then had to come back and wait again after the BMV has figured out the problem.

Now in response to security concerns, our representatives choose the most un-secure number to secure our borders. How safe to you feel?

When you apply for a position at a company, the prospective employer normally asks you for references. The number of references generally is three or more. What do you think they would do if you listed the same person three times, but used different names each time? Is there a reason for asking for three separate references, yes? The purpose is to make sure the person you chose as a reference provides similar answers to the same question about the person in question. If three different people provide similar answers to the same questions, then this prospective employer can decide the credibility of the applicant.

Should it be any different for security? The primary document in many cases was obtained using a Social Security Number. The secondary document in many cases was obtained using a Social Security Number. If you are going to do this, why require the second document? Is it to make us feel better? Did it add another layer of security, no? Let’s face the reality of the problem and not sugar coat it. If someone has your social security number, date of birth and name they can get any of these documents and use them to get additional documents.

Just take a look at some of the identifications needed to secure a driver’s license. The National ID Act is a fraud and will not improve security one bit. It will increase the ability of big brother to keep track of you and also allow identity theives another access to your identity.

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehical Idenfitication

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER is required by Indiana State and Federal law for all License and Permit transactions Note: the state does not identify any federal statute or executive order as required by 5 USC 552a (e)(3)(A).

If an applicant’s Social Security number is not on the BMV internal record, proof of Social Security will be required.

Primary Identification:
  • US Birth Certificate with authenticating stamp or seal containing the applicant’s date of birth, place of birth, and parent’s names issued by:
  • A county department or county board of health from the applicant’s state of birth
  • A state department or state board of health from the applicant’s state of birth, or
  • A verified delayed birth certificate
  • Certificate of Naturalization/Citizenship
  • Certification of report of birth (DS-1350)
  • U.S. consular report of birth (FS-240)
  • Birth certificate issued by United States territories, including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands
Obtained with Social Security Number and Birth Certificate
  • U.S. Military/Merchant Marines identification card with photo
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. veterans universal access identification card with photo

Must present one (1) document

Any document from the list of Primary Documents may be used as a Secondary Document.

Those generally over age 21 will not have or cannot use these documents.
  • Certified academic transcripts from schools in the United States and it’s territories
  • School report card dated within 12 months of application
  • School identification card with photo or yearbook photo within three (3) years of application
Need a Social Security Number to obtain these ID’s
  • An identification card with photo issued by the federal government
  • An Indiana identification card
  • Indiana gun permit
  • Valid banking card or MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover card issued in the name of the applicant with his or her signature
  • Bank statement issued within sixty (60) days of application
  • Form W-2 (federal or state) or Form 1099 with applicant’s name and address
  • Computer generated pay check stub with applicant’s name and address
  • Valid employee identification card with photo
  • Valid Indiana professional license
  • Medicare or Medicaid Card
Stand alone documents if you are from another state or country
  • An identification card with photo issued by a foreign consulate
  • A driver license, identification card, or permit with photo issued by another state
  • Original driving record from another state
  • Valid form I-20 with a valid form I-94 and a F-1/F-2 status in passport
  • Valid form DS-2019 with a valid form I-94 and a J-1/J-2 status in passport
  • Valid insurance card
If you violate the law, you may have one of these documents and they use a social security number.
  • Indiana county pre-sentence Investigation report with clerk stamp or seal
  • Indiana probation identification with photo, name and date of birth
  • Letter from probation officer, caseworker, or social worker on official letterhead, certified with stamp or seal with the applicant’s name and
  • signature of the probation officer, caseworker, or social worker
  • Prison release documentation
  • U.S. district court pre-sentence investigation report with stamp or seal
If you have been in the military you may have one of these documents, but they also use a Social Security Number.
  • U.S. military discharge or DD214 separation papers
  • U.S. Uniformed services card
If you have been married you will have one of these documents and they use the social security number.
  • Divorce decree certified by court of law with stamp or seal.
  • Application of Marriage or Record of Marriage that is certified with stamp or seal
NOTE: Minors making application for an Indiana ID card may present acceptable social security documentation as his or her “secondary” document.


Must present one (1) document

All NEW issuance’s and Changes of Address

Any document from the list of Primary Documents or Secondary Documents may be used as proof of Indiana residency along with the following documents, as long as the document contains the applicant’s name and residential address. For the purpose of this policy, a Post Office Box is not an acceptable residential address.
  • Child support check stub from Indiana Family and Social Services Administration with name and address of the applicant
  • Bill or benefit statement within sixty (60) days of issuance
  • Indiana driver license, identification card or permit with photo
  • Indiana surveyor report
  • Indiana residency affidavit
Requires a State Issued ID – See list of acceptable documents (requires a social security number)
  • Voter registration card
Need a Social Security Number
  • Valid Indiana vehicle or watercraft title or registration


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