Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NACS May 1, 2001 Survey Resultsi

The May 1, 2001 survey results show the questions dealt little with academics and overwhelmingly about warm, fuzzy, non-quantitative issues. Out of 25 questions I found these dealt with academics. The questioners were asked to rank their opinion 1-5 with 5 being outstanding and 1 being terrible.

25. The educational program meet the requirements of students with special needs. 2.036
22. Our schools are doing a good job of preparing students for the workforce. 3.046
19. Our schools are doing a good job of preparing students to continue their schedule at more advanced levels. 3.329
7. The educational program offered to students is of high quality. 3.779

I was dismayed that so few questions dealt with the sole purpose of a public education. Maybe I am wrong, but is not the purpose of public schools to educate, teach our children how to learn, how to use references and think, not just regurgitate information.

Question 22 is disturbing. "Our schools are doing a good job preparing students for the workforce" scored the middle of the range. Much like a grade of C with an average score of 3.05. In fact all the questions dealing with academics were grade C or below. Questions concerning what I would consider fuzzy, warm non-quantifiable scored the highest. The one area that schools main focus should be on were lowest.

Warm, fuzzy non quantifiable questions.
24. School board members are responsive to the needs of the school community. 2.736
23. Central office administrators are responsive to the needs of the community. 2.739
21. Sensitivity to issues of racial and ethnic fairness is demonstrated by students, teachers, and administrators in our schools. 3.068
20. School personnel involve community services, such as mental health and law enforcement, to help meet student’s needs. 3.243
18. The community has a good understanding of the school’s programs and operations. 3.417
17. The community is actively involved in our school. 3.451
15. Our schools are preparing students to deal with issues and challenges they will face in the future. 3.492
14. I am satisfied by the way students are treated by building level administrators. 3.503
13. Our schools are doing a good job of helping students understand their moral and ethical responsibilities. 3.507
11. I am satisfied by the way students are treated by teachers. 3.560
10. The school’s programs assist students to understand and get along with people. 3.624
9. Our schools are doing an excellent job. 3.641
8. I am satisfied with our school corporation. 3.732
5. Citizens feel welcome in our schools. #9; 3.820


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