Monday, October 02, 2006

NACS June 1, 2005 Feasibility Study

I gave my analysis of the NACS Feasibility done by Educational Services Company to another engineer to read. They concurred with me that the math is wrong. They also agreed with the analysis that the study has nearly $27 million for athletic facilities buried in the $118 million price tag. I have sent my analysis to over 700 individuals and not one has identified a math error. However, some have sent stated they disagreed with my analysis or that I played games with the numbers, but not one has identified a specific error.

I sent a request to Educational Services asking if this report they presented was correct and if not to correct Table T-9 and any other errors. My first request for answers was over two weeks ago. I sent another request along with the marked up Table T-9 to the president of their company on Friday. As of today, I still have no answers.

The staff at Educational Services Company of Indianapolis lists numerous individuals with backgrounds in education, architecture and more. A simple table such as the one in the feasibility report (T-9 on page 35) should be child's play for professionals to either correct or answer they stand by their report. Why are they taking so long to answer?

  • Did this report get published without a proper review?
  • Does this report have major errors, which could change which petition would sign?
  • If taxpayers have signed a petition based on this feasibility report and the report turns out to have major errors in it, what should be done or can be done? Who is liable for these errors?
The taxpayers have paid good money for an accurate report. Did we get an accurate report?


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