Saturday, April 14, 2007

Public Records

I was speaking with my mom the yesterday. She told me she heard on the news that the IRS lost lap-tops with taxpayers personal information. She also told me that WANE TV-15 had a report on our local area. It seems that our local government allows access to personal information.

The privacy act of 1974 was passed in order to safe guard personal information. It mandated all government agencies that asked for information to identify to the individual the purpose for requesting information as well as the legal authority to require it. Information you give is not legally to be available to the public. Any identifying information is supposed to be eliminated from records made public. Computer systems were to have security systems in place. Access to records were to be restricted to a need to know.

The individual at the Public Records office stated that it has been that way forever. They are working on correcting this problem over the next four months. Where have these people been? We have identity theft and they have been allowing anyone to obtain and copy any record marriage, birth, death, property and more, all with name, DOB, SSN and more.

We need a class action suit to close this down now! These people need to be fired and prosecuted. Those in office should never be allowed to seek office again.


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