Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Many candidates for City Council are saying they want and we need lower property taxes to attract businesses and retain workers. At the same time they say they are in favor of buying the Omni Source Property, support developing our rivers, greenways, Harrison Square and more. In simple terms they want to spend millions more that do not pay for police, fire, water sewage or street maintenance. They say these new developments will increase property values.

As an engineer, I deal with a lot of what-ifs daily. What I do not understand is how these candidates, supporting new projects in the expectation of increasing property values, expect our property taxes not to increase, but profess to support lower property taxes. Increased spending increases property taxes. The reassessment (increase in property values) and trending (increase in property values) is what has caused the large increase in our property taxes now! So how do they propose to decrease or at a minimum hold property taxes where they are?

By their own logic, the more we spend the less we will pay in property taxes.

P.S. How much is the cost of yearly maintenance?


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