Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sewage and Storm Sewers

How would you like to have sewage in your down stairs when it rains?

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to speak to many people about issues that were important to them. One person had problems with flooding in her house when it rained. The storm sewers would back up and flow into the sewage sewers and come into their home. They have been battling this for years. This goes back to what I have been saying for a long time. Instead of adding additional infrastructure to maintain, fix what we have first.

The Harrison Square project will cost over $46 million. This amount of money would have gone along way towards implementing the EPA edict about separating the sewage and storm sewers. Fort Wayne City Council has had their priorities wrong for too long.


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Phil Marx said...

Bill, I have an idea that I'd like you to analyze using your expertise with numbers. First, I'll explain how I came up with the idea.

Remember a few weeks ago when Councilmen Pape and Crawford cut our property taxes? (Bless their hearts, they really do feel our pain!) To offset this loss of revenue, they cut several positions from the police and fire budgets. Heck, these positions weren't being filled, so we really didn't lose any services. And yet, we saved money!

Now in case you don't follow the logic of that last line, I'll explain. We saved money because now we are not spending money that we already were not spending. So there you have it, the holy grail of politics - cut spending without cutting services.

Now, for my proposal. I reccomend that the City of Fort Wayne create an entirely new department. We'll budget $65 million for this department. It really doesn't matter what the department is named, because the sole purpose for creating it will be do dissolve it. I'd better explain that better.

We budget $65 million for this department, but we don't actually spend it, so it really costs us nothing. Then, we dissolve this department, thus recovering the $65 million that was budgeted. And remeber, we didn't lose any services because this department never was operational.

So, we now have $65 million that can be used to pay off the entire H.S. bond. Darn, now that I see how sucessful this program is, I wish we had made it $265 million.

At 8:02 PM, Blogger William Larsen said...


It is obvious you understand math and have a good grasp of how they think. Maybe I give them too much credit for thinking and it is more like using the magic eight ball (yes I should do it and no I should not).

Excellent post! Please read my post on spending taxpayer money to increase property values in order to reduce property taxes.

At 4:59 AM, Blogger Phil Marx said...

Thanks Bill. I do understand math, and of course I was joking with my proposal to create money. But honestly, it sounded as reasonable as a lot of things I've heard from our City Council.

Some of the things they have said were so ridiculous that I strained to keep from laughing out loud in the council chambers. I can only conclude that either they're stupid, or they think that we are.

I did read your latest post. I read your post frequently, but rarely comment. The things you have to say often require a fair amount of analysis. If someone puts out a good post, I want to be fair and give them a good response. I usually don't have time for that though.

Good luck in the election!


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