Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Airport Authority

I guess I must be dumb. I heard on WOWO when Tori head of the Airport said that the Kitty Hawk pullout would cost taxpayers $2.8 million next year. He was rationalizing or spinning this to not be such a bad thing. The reason is that they had paid $23.8 Million and Kitty Hawk had paid over 400 people wages totaling some $74 million. So taxpayers paying $2 to get $7 was not a bad thing.

Ok what am I missing or more importantly what is this person trying to pull? First it was $23 million in taxpayer’s money (investment). The 400 people though taxpayers did not share the $74 million with the rest of us who invested the $23 million. So Tori is incorrect in saying the taxpayers got $7 back for $2 invested. The taxpayers did get something back, but the something they got back paid for government services these 400 workers received, just like the rest of us. I doubt that the taxpayers actually netted anything thing.

Here is a novel idea. I think the Airport Authority needs to go back and chop, cut, tear $2.8 million from the budget they have. They can lay people off just like any other company has been doing (RV’s, GM, etc). They could cut salaries and benefits just like a regular company does when they lose a large contract.

No new taxes for the airport. Sink or swim like the rest of us.


At 10:50 AM, Blogger Bobby G. said...

They could start be FIRING Tory RIchardson.
The FWIA didn't seem to have this problem under the former boss, Skip Miller.



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