Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Indiana BMV is messed up big time

Here is one for you. A driver is pulled over for a burned out front left turn signal at 1:00 am. The state sheriff’s deputy asks for license and registration. The driver hands over the information. The deputy then informs the driver his license has been revoked. Wow, huge surprise to the driver. The driver asks why it was revoked. The deputy answers “no social security number on file.” The driver explains he went through the hearing process and received a notice from the Indiana State BMV stating they had received the new information and that his licenses was good until its expiration in 2012. The driver also says he has never received any notice from the state his driver’s license was revoked. The deputy states the Indiana State BMV does not notify driver’s when they revoke their license. The only way to find out if your license is revoked is to be pulled over and they check it on the spot. Had the BMV suspended the license then they would inform you in writing that they did so and the reason. They let the driver continue driving.

Is this un-American or what?


At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indiana BMV sends IDACS (The Indiana Data and Communications System) the information on your driver's license so that when a cop pulls you over, they go by what is on their computer rather than what is on your license. My license is valid until 2016, but according to IDACS it's expired. The fault lies with the BMV. Get this: The BMV will not correct their mistake unless *I* pay for them to do it!!!! I've never been expired, never been suspended, never had a ticket, and I've never even lived at a different address in Indiana! You can't even call to speak with a human! I'm going to contact the gov's office, and then I'm going to the newspapers.


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