Friday, March 13, 2009

A Second Evangelical Minister Arrested At Mormon Pageant

Police in Salt Lake city do it not once, but twice!

"For the second time in two weeks, an evangelical minister has been arrested outside The Clarkston Pageant–Martin Harris: The Man Who Knew. The first arrest of Joel Kramer, 39, director of Living Hope Ministries, a nondenominational ministry based in Brigham City, was for investigation of disorderly conduct for videotaping the pageant. Based on the Living Hope Ministries’ website their sole purpose is to tear down the LDS faith through their lies, deceptions and half truths. Producing misleading videos is one of their chief methods of deception."

"Joel Kramer, 39, was arrested and booked for investigation of disorderly conduct after he told a Cache County sheriff’s deputy he was not violating any laws by videotaping the pageant."


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