Thursday, May 07, 2009


I saw today that Obama wants to tackle healthcare again. The solution to our budget is to reduce healthcare spending. Does this mean that doctors will be reimbursed less shifting the cost to everyone else (we already pay the Medicare tax)? Maybe they are going to cut benefits. We all loved it when we were young playing a game when someone decides to change the rules to benefit them. Medicare started in 1965 and 44 years later after numerous fixes still needs a transplant.

It was also reported that the Fed’s are going after companies defrauding the taxpayer of $60 Billion in Medicare payments a year. Obama wants to cut $17 billion from all departments with half coming from defense. $60 Billion from Medicare is a huge chunk of the Medicare budget each year. I think we need to bring back public punishments.


At 11:37 AM, Blogger Bob G. said...

Dunking stool

I wonder if waterboarding could be included in that mix?

It IS better than buing drawn and quartered..or hung from the highest yardarm, right?



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