Monday, September 21, 2009

Automobile v Health Insurance

President Obama is comparing the mandatory requirement for automobile insurance with that of Healthcare insurance. He sees no difference. However, there is a big difference. In many states, such as Indiana, an automobile must be insured with a minimum amount of LIABILITY insurance to be registered. There is no requirement for collision insurance.

Collision insurance insures you against a loss if you are the at fault driver. If you run off the road, rear end another car, you are insured. However, if you wave collision insurance coverage, you are insuring yourself against a loss.

Liability insurance covers the person you injure or the property you damage. Collision insurance which is not mandatory in any state insures you, the driver, against yourself. If you choose to not buy Collision insurance, you hurt no one but yourself if you have a loss. Health insurance is to protect you against a loss. If you choose not to have healthcare you hurt only yourself. However, in our country hospitals and providers treat anyone including those who do not have health insurance or who cannot pay. Maybe providers should carry uninsured coverage to protect themselves from a loss?

Healthcare insurance is no different than collision insurance, but is nothing like liability insurance. To mandate healthcare insurance may seem like a good idea, but you may make more people/families destitute and impoverished by mandating it. Sure they are covered by healthcare for potential sickness, but in the mean time food, shelter and clothing may take second seat and actually cause a worse outcome.

In any survival situation, the first thing you do is seek shelter, then water, then food. Few people will last two weeks without water, shelter or food. However, millions have gone years without ever seeing a doctor. What we need to do is stop allowing providers or the government from mandating treatment for all without regard to paying for. It may sound heartless, but is it the responsibility of the government to take from one to give to another without regard for ability to pay?


At 11:43 AM, Blogger Bob G. said...

Marvelously said.

I was telling the wife about equating auto/health insurance the other week, but you have stated it succinctly and comprehensively.

Nice job.


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