Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Birth Control, choice, insurance - your money

Rush Limbaugh’s statement about birth control was wrong and directed incorrectly. Birth control is not a right. In fact it is not a medical necessity. The premise that Federal and State Governments can dictate what insurance offers and what must be covered is just plain wrong to begin with. Why is it governments’ role to restrict or expand health insurance?

When it comes to auto insurance I have the ability to choose liability, collision, compressive and each with different limits of coverage. States set minimum coverage for liability to make sure some amount of liability will be available to compensate others for your errors or accidents you cause. In fact many states will allow you to submit a bond to cover the place of insurance; if you have no accidents you end up keeping your bond and paying no insurance – self insured. However, state and federal governments now seem bent on specifying specific coverage and and now must provide “X” for free when it comes to health insurance.

In fact we can extend the debate to life insurance. I know of no Federal or State law/regulations that require anyone buy life insurance or that require insurance companies to cover specific losses. So I ask once again, why is government interfering with private business in a matter that is an individual choice? Clearly if insurance companies thought it was a good marketing tool to offer birth control, they would offer this on their own. In fact private insurance coverage can be obtained that does not cover the birth of a child if one so chooses. Again this is a choice, not a requirement.

The debate between Rush and the woman is that the woman thinks someone else should pay for her birth control – she wants them for free, in fact every insurance company she approaches should offer it for free. This makes life easier for her in that she does not need to sort through the myriads in differences between insurance companies and prices; simply put it reduces choice and so now all she has to do is compare price.

Are people that foolish that they believe things mandated by government are free? Pretty soon we will not be able to pick and choose what we want to buy, but it will be mandated for us.


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Mark Andrews said...

Excellent thoughts! I also find the Car Insurance odd that you have Medical Payments. My Insurance Agent @ State Farm says that covers all people in the incident up to a set amount. The cost for me is 28.50 every 6 months for 50,000.00 in Medical Payments. Why can't we simply purchase a Medical Payment plan of ...say...750,000.00 for 500.00 a year and it would cover ANYTHING up to that amount? Like life Insurance? Any Thoughts?


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