Sunday, May 02, 2010

House Candidate Phil Troyer

Candidate Phil Troyer for Congress is a conservative who explicitly identifies his beliefs and values. He supports term limits for congress. This clearly would provide the mechanism for new ideas, to limit the power of seniority of any one representative and let’s face it, if a problem has not been solved within 12 years, we need new representation.

Troyer supports limiting a bill’s length to 200 pages and requiring it be made public five days prior to any vote holds our representative accountable for any vote they make on our behalf.

Troyer has indeed provided true leadership in supporting that all proposed legislation actually cite the Constitutional authority empowering Congress to enact any legislation. The power of Congress is limited by Sections 8 and 9 of the Constitution. Too many representatives have forgotten this.

Congress passes legislation and the president makes this law by signing it. Government agencies then write Federal Regulations interpreting this legislation and in many cases, these Federal Regulations misinterpret or totally disregard the Federal Statutes as written and passed by congress. Troyer supports legislation that prohibits regulations from taking effect until they are reviewed by Congress. We need to eliminate the “Vote and Forget” mechanism.

The Federal Government continues to take rights (OUR RIGHTS) away from the states. They take our taxes and then write laws on how the states can get a portion of OUR taxes back. Troyer supports legislation to ensure our states rights are protected. This will keep government local.

Troyer does not support Earmarks and proposes to prohibit any entity that receives $1 million or more in federal funds from contributing to any campaign for a period of (2) years before or following the receipt of federal funds. Legislation should be based upon our national interests and not upon the parochial interests of individual Members of Congress.

Troyer supports a prohibition of the Federal Government in owning Stock in private companies such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Banks and Automakers. Troyer supports Free Enterprise, not socialism.

Troyer pledges to vote against any bill that does not reduce spending by at least 5%. The last general budget surplus was in 1958. Congress continues to spend ever more; creating ever larger deficits; the national debt will grow past $14 Trillion this year. It is time to think of our children instead of ourselves.
Troyer promises to co-sponsor legislation to eliminate the Departments of Energy, Education, and Housing and Urban Development.

Troyer supports tax reform. Our federal tax laws have become far too complicated and now require even many middle-class taxpayers purchase professional assistance to prepare their returns.

Troyer promises to oppose any federal funding of abortions, either in this country or through funds provided to foreign countries or international agencies.

In this day and age of technology, our vote should not be based on which candidate bashes the other more or who has raised or spent the most money, but on ISSUES alone. Based on Troyer’s written and oral presentation of the issues, I support Troyer for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District.

Phil Troyer gets my vote.


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