Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Healthcare Reform v Free Speech

Tuesday Night I heard that Health and Human Services issued a ruling to insurance providers to stop misleading Medicare beneficiaries. The dispute is over the Healthcare Reform act where some companies are saying “Benefits could be cut.” It does not say they will be. Based on the Baucus bill, there is little way for Medicare to stay solvent unless expenses are cut. How do you cut expenses or the growth if you do not cut benefits?

Apparently it is just fine for President Obama and members of congress to say their reform bill does not include tax increases, but is this not misleading the public when you say you are going to levy a fine if you do not have health insurance? The fine has been dropped from $3,800 a family to $1,900.

Political free speech is what made this country great. Now our own government is attempting to squelch free speech. How stupid do they think we are? I find it despicable that a judge issued a temporary injunction to stop the insurance companies from sending information to beneficiaries.

Hey, maybe this is not a bad idea. We could get an injunction on the government from sending us SSA wage and benefit statements stating what our benefits will be in the future. We might even be able to site this in political debates and adds as well. Maybe we can stop politicians from lying?


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