Sunday, February 19, 2006

Smith and Warner

Tracy Warner and Sylvia Smith have a near 100% probability they will
censor the news you get. That’s right! When a candidate is interviewed
by these two individuals what they report is nothing close to what the
candidate said. I am not sure this is true for all candidates, at least it
is true for me.

For example, I was asked what my positions are. I replied defense,
balanced budget, reducing the national debt, energy, identity theft,
pension reform, on-us-checks and more and they described me as a one
issue candidate. Out of the six news organizations I sent my press
release to, the Journal Gazette was the only one to get it wrong. In
fact, they got it wrong in 2002 and wrong again in 2004.

When Dr. Hayhurst speaks mostly about affordable health care, is he
treated as a one issue candidate? No! In fact the Dr. Hayhurst’s web
site has NO issues listed.

But what is most amazing is the Warner approach to reporting. He suggests Dr. Hayhurst

needs to start beating up Souder now for breaking his term-limit pledge and portray the incumbent as a Washington insider.

Beating up, attacking and mud slinging. Why not spend time speaking out
on issues instead of attacking.

I, as a voter want to know what the candidate stands for, not more
beating up or mud slinging. I as a voter want to know if the candidate
has a plan or is it nothing but sound bites.

But , to Smith and Warner it is not the candidate’s issues that are
important but what Smith and Warner perceive the issues should be.
Readers beware of these two who censor your news.


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