Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Calling all young voters!

The News Sentinel had a short article on young voter turn out. Why don't young voters vote?

"One of the main reasons young people gave for not voting was that they felt ignored by politicians. "

I have been saying this since I first voted in 1974. I have always felt that candidates were buying votes using my money. They got away with this because young people did not vote. The reason why young did not vote is answered above. It is a catch-22. I hope to break this cycle. I offer young voters an opportunity to free themselves from Social Security, the single largest tax most workers pay. I offer them 10.6% of their wages back. What do you have to loose? Are you willing to spend a few minutes to vote in exchange for an opportunity that could very well increase your standard of living by 10.6% now and by 100% in retirement? Rather like a lottery, except the odds with me is a whole lot better.

Can you just say no to two more years of government spending, over taxing and mismanagement? If so vote for William Larsen a father of five who wants to restore the American dream where in a land of opportunity, an individual can work hard and prosper!

Choose to vote in the Republican Primary and cast a vote for William Larsen.


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