Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

I went to the Memorial Day parade today with my wife and two youngest. The crowd seemed to be a bit less and the number of entries (participants) fewer. Concordia Lutheran High School's Band marched and did a fine job. I wish some of the other local bands would participate. Bands can add a lot to a parade. My guess is it comes down to money. A band needs to pay for bus drivers, etc.

When I was stationed in Bremerton, WA I was "drafted" to march in the Memorial Day parade in Bremerton. I had been out of boot camp for nearly two years. The Navy always had a large contingent. We practiced marching for two weeks, which got us out of our daily work routine. Instead of chipping and painting inside a hot "tin can", I got to be outside. However, it was still not enough time to be proficient as the Marines.


At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Bob G. said...

Used to be a time when as a young'un, Dad would take me down to the Ben franklin Pkwy (Philly) and we'd watch the Memorial Day parade.

And that WAS a parade. We have troops from ALL services come by with color guards and bands...we had trucks, jeeps, tanks (light tanks...not those bigguns) rumble by as we waved our flags and paid homage to those who serve (and have served).
You couldn't go anywhere without seeing a vet (in his old uniform complete with ribbons and medals), and the parkway was FILLED with people...a real event.
I really miss THOSE days...



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