Friday, May 05, 2006

New Web Site

I took my son to IUPU yesterday to register and create a student account. While there I spoke to a young man who had not voted in the election. It turns out the office had one of my buttons and they had been talking about it. He did not like Social Security and thought it was a rip off, yet did not vote. In fact he said he never voted because his vote neither counted and that politicians did not represent young people. However, after only minutes this young person volunteered to create a web site for me and vote in 2008.

The primary election results show I did 85% better in Allen County than I did in 2002 and 1,000% better than I did in 2002. The trend is in the right direction and if it were a business, would be great news. The problem is even with these great growth rates time is running out.

Will our representatives fix social security in the next two years, no? If they cannot bring themselves to even speak openly about the problem, then there is no way a solution will be discussed. With this said, you the worker will pay another $7,300 or more towards Social Security Old Age benefits for current beneficiaries, yet less than $400 of this amount will be set aside for you. If you turn 67 after 2041, well even this $400 will do you no good because the trust fund will be exhausted by then. In other word if you are under age 32 you just got hustled, scammed or conned.

After speaking with several people over the past three days I have decided I will run again in 2008. Anyone who would like to help with my campaign in 2008, please call me at (260) 637-0741 or email me at

All volunteers will be given a DVD with my mini series so that they will understand the importance of solving the Social Security problem sooner rather than later. I am also looking at methods of distributing the mini series. If anyone has any suggestions, please contact me.

Again, thanks for all your support. Without you, this past primary would not have been a success.


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