Saturday, April 29, 2006

Engineering and Politics

For over two decades I have solved some pretty difficult problems in engineering. I have done this by collecting data, attempting to create a base line starting point, dissecting the problem and all its nuances and then developing a theory. In many cases I create a model using the data and then project a solution based on what is desired.

Well politics is anything but straight forward. People move into and out of the district. Data is basically collected once every two years and is influenced by who the candidates are. Issues play a factor on both the local and national level. I have two data points 2002 and 2004. Two points make a straight line, but few things are this simple.

My web site over the years has gotten a fair number of hits. Blogging has also helped refer people to my web site. Newspaper coverage in 2006 in northern Indiana covering the candidates has been especially good and on a level playing field. More people have helped out with my campaign this year than in 2004. In addition posting on other blogs where others write about me (negatively or positively) is an unknown factor. The number of unique hits other blogs receive will have an impact, but again is an unknown factor.

Candidate forums such as Northside High School were especially good with four to five times the number of attendees (not candidates) showing up to hear candidates and ask questions over past years.

With this said, I have presented the issues I think are important. It is up to you the voter to cast a vote on May 2. Do we continue with ever increasing deficits and unresolved problems that are decades old or do we move forward and restore the American dream where in a land of opportunity an individual can work hard and prosper? I ask for your vote on May 2.

Please contact two people and speak with them about my issues by May 2. Enjoy your weekend.

Best reqards,


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