Tuesday, April 25, 2006

89.1FM, WBOI received your responses; primary stories will air starting tomorrow

WBOI's asked me to leave succinct responses to three questions. I did and they aired them on Tuesday.

1 What motivated you to enter the race or run for reelection?

I do not like the trend in our government spending. In 2005 our representatives spent $553 Billion more than we paid in taxes based on a unified budget, which includes social security and Medicare but in terms of general budget, it spent $726 billion more. The March 2006 deficit was $85.5 Billion an annual rate of $1 Trillion! We now have Katrina and a new Rx drug program. They add more programs while we cannot pay for the ones we already have. Social Security is broke, the Social Security Administration for the past nine years has been saying they are working on resolving the funding problem, but are no closer to a solution than in 1937. I love my country and I want my children, your children to do better. If we want some service or program, then we the people should have the guts to pay the taxes to pay for them, not borrow the money, reap the benefits and give the bill to our children. This is immoral and Un American.

2 What makes you the best candidate?

I know how to budget, I do my own taxes, I am an engineer who understands balancing equations so things work. I am a veteran who served his country and understands first hand what veterans go through when they go to the VA hospital. I know the hardship of military life and will support our military. I understand energy and immigration. I analyze data and solve problems for a living. I know more about Social Security than any other candidate. If you want it fixed, I have a plan that will work and we can do it.

3 What would be your main priority if voted into office?

  • I want to restore the American dream where in a land of opportunity, an individual can work hard and prosper. To do this we need to be fiscally responsible. This means we:
  • Stop passing new legislation to spend more money or create new programs until we have fixed the current ones we have.
  • All legislation needs to require accrual accounting, the same as required by business. Not the Enron style accounting that government currently uses today.
  • Educate the public on Social Security and the need for reform.
  • Doing these things will make it possible to balance the general budget and to restore the American Dream.
Here is an email I recieved.

Thank you for taking our request seriously and calling us with your answers.


Jeanette Dillon

Kevin Watson
WBOI News Department


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