Sunday, June 11, 2006

Homestead's class of 2006

I attended my niece’s graduation ceremonies Saturday night. Homestead’s ceremonies were different. I looked for conformity in attire and found none. Some males wore T-shirts, dark colored shirts, striped shirts, blue jeans, suits, ties, sneakers and dress shoes. Females wore dresses, pants, sandals, flip-flops, sneakers and shoes. Did attire change the conformity of the ceremony, no? So little of the individual’s clothes were visible that the gown transformed the entire graduation class into a uniform group. The single largest observable facet was hairstyle.

I liked both ceremonies. The speakers at Homestead were good. I got the distinct impression the principal was well liked. They even brought three to four inflatable beach balls and tossed then into the air. The principal spoke about how solemn these ceremonies were, but in reality I thought it broke the “ice” of the occasion. Graduation is to be a fun and happy time.

Though they asked all not to applaud until the end many hooted and yelled after a name was read. They did a great service by noting those not in attendance due to enlisting in the military and I applauded them. I wish them well and all the best.

Both graduations were very good, far better than my own 31 years ago. Congratulations to all 2006 graduates!


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