Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ID Thief hits 16 year old Student

I heard the other day of a Homestead student who’s mom had received her son’s Social Security number and had stuck it away for when it would be needed. She had never once taken it out of the envelope. The other day her son went to get a driver’s license and was refused because someone else had already claimed that number. The only people she had ever given the number too were schools her son had attended.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is looking into the matter, but until it is resolved this young person will not be driving. Does anyone think the National ID Act is going to keep terrorists from getting an ID that allows them on planes, trains and into government buildings?

The single largest growing crime is identity theft. The fastest growing portion of identity theft is against minors. They target a minor’s name, birth date and social security number for one main reason. They can use this data for years before anyone even learns of a crime taking place. A large source of information for these identity thieves is from our public schools. Schools data is notoriously unsecure.


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