Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Nanny State Alive and Well

When the pilgrims came to America, they relied on themselves. The 13 colonies relied on their own as well. People helped each other in time of need. There were no government programs to protect people from natural disasters. America grew strong with each generation building upon the previous generation. The goal of parents was that their children would do better then they did.

Americans did not have health insurance, but they helped with what they could when a friend or family member was ill. They helped when a parent died or lost their job. Government did not step in and help, but friends and family did, much like the Amish do.

What caused so many Americans to become dependent on government? Was it the depression, which shook the American work ethic to the core and broke it? Was it the fact that so many were hurt financially that neighbors, friends and family had nothing extra to help with?

FDR's Social Security program was the first major move for government to step in and take over what individuals had been doing for generations. It grew when Social Security Disability as passed in 1957, Medicare in 1965, The Great Society ushered in welfare and Medicaid.

The San Francisco earth quake was terrible with little notice if any and there was no government rebuilding plan yet it was rebuilt by its people.

Katrina showed the nanny state to be alive and well. People live below sea level and yet have no plan of their own to get out in the event they need to. They blame the city for not protecting them or having plans and want the federal government (us) to pay to rebuild their city.

Now I read "Major cities aren't ready for catastrophes, government says" I think each of us needs to have their own plan to take care of our families. When I lived on the coast in North Carolina, I knew hurricanes could be a factor. I made sure my home was on high ground, that I had enough food on hand to last a month or more. I discussed with my family what we would do if we lost power, which happened several times normally for about five to seven days.

In any disaster you need water, food and shelter. What items do you have on hand that you know where they are at? What do you need to protect against the cold, rain, heat, contamination, etc? Each of us needs to have our own plan instead of relying on government. Your plan may be different from mine, the more people who are able to take care of themselves in a disaster the better we all will be.

PS. If you rely on canned food, be sure to have a can opener.


At 10:21 PM, Blogger Andrew Kaduk said...

Bravo, Mr. Larsen.


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