Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just a little bit.

Years ago while in Elementary School one of my teachers told a story of a Chinese peasant who has saved the Emperor’s son’s life. As a reward the Emperor told the peasant he could have anything he wanted. The peasant asked only that he be given a chessboard and on first black square one coin be placed. On each following black square, the amount would double. Knowing that there were only 32 black squares and placing one coin on the first and doubling there after, the emperor did not think this was very much at all.

How much would be on the chessboard if you started with just a penny?

The first ten squares total $10.23
The next ten squares total $10,475.52
The next ten squares total $10,726,932.48
The last two squares total $32,212,254.72

Total value would have been $42,949,672.95

Pennies do add up!


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