Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NACS Board Votes for Petition Drive

The remonstrators have a web site where you can get their information.


Having read the Journal Gazette this morning on the NACS board vote, I am going to put 100% of my effort in educating the taxpayers of NACS district. What I read and what I was told after speaking with others is the NACS board has mislead the taxpayers.

When I attended the 10/28 meeting my concern was the school board was withholding vital information. When I asked about school capacity, I got different answers. Now I learn the $120 Million price tag for a new high school included $20 million to replace the heating and AC units at Carroll because after then years they are full of mold and/or mildew. In addition the $120 million included the cost of another Natatorium (Swimming pool) at a cost of at least $15 million.

Middleberry, IN is constructing a new high school at a cost of $31 million. Even though its capacity would be half of what a new NACS high school would be it gives a good point of reference on what the true cost would be.

Because this blog format will not allow me or I just do not know how to get my tables to look good, I have put my analysis into a pdf file which anyone may read. I would like feed back on what I have presented so that any errors you find or comments you might have can be corrected and included.

Based on my short interaction with the NACS board, my opinion of them is not good. Their ability to answer direct questions is evasive to say the least. Their ability to put together a presentation showing the cost of both proposals is non existent. They feel they were blind sided by the remonstrative, which shows they are naive to think the taxpayers do not understand basic math and economics.

Please read and comment on my analysis

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At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Jeff Pruitt said...

I tried to access your pdf but got the following error message:

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Thank you for using 50megs

At 8:08 AM, Blogger William Larsen said...

Jeff, I have come across this error in the past. It has to do with the browser you are using or it can also be the current site from where you are. I have found that pasting the link in the goto link at the top works. Here is the link


Please let me know if this does not work.


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