Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Angry taxypayers who signed yellow

Just a quick note. Last night was the second time that I have come across very upset school district taxpayers. They had signed the yellow petition based on being told a feasibility report done by experts showed a $118 million price tag. I handed them Table T-9, explained that the Cedar Canyon Elementary school was 92,000 sq. ft and cost $12 million, the Carroll Middle School was $35 million and had about 184,000 sq. ft and that these two schools though different (one had a foot ball field and track) would provide them with a good idea of construction costs.

They were angry with both sides. The blue petition side for not giving enough information and the yellow side for not giving correct information. There are some angry petition signers out there.

They clearly saw the errors in the feasibility report and signed Blue.
This June 1, 2005 NACS Feasibility Study is going to come back and bite some people. Have a great day.


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