Saturday, April 14, 2007

Would you like to be part of a nationwide movement? Would you like to be one of the few, the proud and the brave? If so I need your help in correcting one of the greatest errors created by Representatives. Yes, it is that time again. Most of us have completed or soon will complete their tax returns for 2006. While most will look at the W-2 and see how much they paid in Federal and State income taxes, how many will take the time to look at the two other boxes called Medicare and Social Security?

If you were born after 1985, the most you can ever hope to get for each one dollar paid in Social Security Old Age Survivors Insurance Tax is 29 cents. No matter what our elected representatives do, whether it be raise the retirement age, payroll base, social security tax or cut benefits, you can only get 29 cents.

If they raise the retirement age, you pay longer and collect less.

If they raise the base, you pay more and collect and hopefully collect the promised benefit stated in your yearly Social Security Statement.

If they raise the social security tax, you pay more and hopefully collect the promised benefit stated in your yearly Social Security Statement.

If they cut your social security benefits, do you think they will cut your social security taxes, no?

The bottom line is there is no painless solution to this con.

If you would like to keep your social security taxes as well as your employer’s portion paid on your behalf and JUST SAY NO TO SOCIAL SECURITY, then we can work together to make this happen. I have a plan, what I need are people to put up signs, speak to others, setup meetings with groups and get the message out.

If you think Mark Souder is working on this age-old problem think again.

Mark Souder spoke to Prime Time 39 on 3-12-2004 and referred to Social Security as a "shell game." He stated, "For people under 30 its probably going to be income based. I am not saying we're going to pass that. It will probably be passed after I am dead." He continued "If you're 40, you might make it through the system. But if you're under 40, and certainly under 30, you had better start planning because if you want to have a decent retirement you’re going to need supplemental funds."

Our representatives are not representing us.

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At 1:39 AM, Blogger bobett said...

would you kindly give your thoughts about a fair tax.


At 1:49 AM, Blogger bobett said...

Your input would be appreciated:

Obviously this is a canned letter
but I belive dollar for dollar that we should be in control of government spending.

Apr 12, 2007

Representative Mark Souder
United States House of Representatives
2231 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-0001

Dear Representative Souder,

Every April, American taxpayers dread the federal income tax filing
process; the endless forms and paperwork, the cumbersome rules and
byzantine changes. It's time to say, "Enough already!"

As a voting constituent of yours, I support a viable and smart
alternative, the FairTax, and would suggest you consider this proposal
as well. The FairTax is better for everyone: Citizens, businesses, and
most of all our economy, which would be unshackled from the endless
volumes of regulations and rules that comprise our federal tax code

As April 17th draws near, I urge you to consider a tax change for the
better of all Americans: The FairTax. This tax reform plan is embodied
in H.R. 25 and already has 57 co-sponsors. The taxpaying public -
individuals, farmers, schoolteachers, seniors, small business owners,
and others - will thank you for it.

Thank you for your consideration.


Mrs. Bobett Kelley

At 6:54 PM, Blogger William Larsen said...

Dear Mrs. Bobett Kelley,

I have looked at the Fair Tax proposal and spoken with a couple of supporters. We spend several hours going over the proposal. During my meeting with two of the representatives I presented my preliminary analysis. I have placed this on my website at

I found the fair tax proposal as outlined would not generate enough federal revenue to replace our current Federal Income Taxes. In addition, it would not replace a single penny of Social Security, Medicare or Corporate Taxes.

I sent my analysis to the one of the proposals lead analysts last April 2006 and has of date have not heard back. Though my numbers were back of the envelope and I used IRS reported data for past year incomes, I feel comfortable in saying that my numbers are well within +/- 10%. Because the analysis did not even come close to replacing the nearly $2.4 Trillion in total federal revenues, I would not support the current Fair Tax Proposal.

What I believe we need is true tax reform. In this I propose we make the federal income tax more like Indiana’s income tax.

Americans and Business spend too much on determining their taxes. Why should one company profit at the expense of another simply because a politician wants to give your money away? Individuals and business would do better understanding the tax code and knowing the tax code would not change every few years. Congress has given preferential treatment to companies groups and individuals. This is unfair, creates thousands of pages of code and is inefficient. Income is income, treat income as such. Treat all taxpayers fairly by not holding out carrots for preferential tax treatment. This will reduce the tax code to less than 50 pages. It will greatly reduce compliance costs and tax court litigation.


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