Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Have Nine Choices

During the Vietnam War young men were being drafted and were too young to vote. After much protesting, Nixon signed into law lowering the voting age to 18. I thought young people would now vote in numbers they represent. It may have been higher in the early 70’s, but now it is very low. They either do not care or feel disenfranchised. We complain about young people not voting, but the truth is we are lucky if we get 25% turn out, one in four registered voters voting.

I have been voting since 1974. Every year that passes, it becomes more difficult to choose whom I want to support. Just because a candidate is republican, no longer means they are a fiscal conservative nor is a democratic candidate a spender. In fact the Republican Party has moved so are from what my beliefs and moral values are, I find it difficult to support very many. There are democrats I like. Just because they are a democrat does not mean I will not support them with my vote. I vote for an individual.

This November 6 you have a choice between nine candidates for City Council at Large. I hope you will do a little research before casting your vote and simply not vote just because the candidate is representing a particular party. The two major parties have become nearly indistinguishable. Maybe it is time not vote for a party, but an individual.

You are in essence hiring an individual to do a job for you. Have they been responsive in the past? Do they support your views? If not then maybe it is time you fired them and hired a new person to work for you.


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