Monday, December 03, 2007

Aqua Indiana

The paper reported the City Council has gone ahead and voted to take over Aqua Indiana for over $16 million, more if Aqua's appeal of the price increases. The article stated a famil of 4 that uses 90,000 gallons of water a year would see a decrease of $86.79 a year.

My concern is that a family of four uses 90,000 gallons a year. You have to be kidding. My family has seven and we use less than 75,000 gallons a year. This means family's like mine who conserve our natural resources far more than particular theoretical family will see our rates increase. Obviously this family is getting a discount for using more water. Maybe, the water rates should work the other way. Instead of a decreasing cost the more you use, it should be an increasing cost the more you use.

The city said the water rate would drop, what about the sewer rate? Will it be higher?


At 11:50 AM, Blogger Phil Marx said...

I never look at the details of my utility bills unless they're way out of line. But your post got me curious so I checked.

I live alone and during the past year I have used 16,500 gal. However, last spring I mixed about 80 bags of concrete. My bill that month went from the usual 1 or 2 units up to 4 units. So I guess subtracting this would actually put me at about 15,000 gal.

I guess I'm not as efficient as you, but I have two cats. Maybe I should start charging them rent.


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