Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Campaign Continues

The other day I had a captured audience at the YMCA, five young people and two older ones. I was speaking to the five young ones about SS and other issues. One guy about 35 spoke up saying that they needed to research and find out for themselves what the facts are, which I agreed with. His position is that Social Security is more than just retirement it helps widows, disabled and more, which is true. However, the plan as many know is not to reform the Disability program, but the old age survivors insurance program.

After I gave my spiel this same individual stated that he recommended that they go to college and get good paying jobs. Which, I agreed with. The only problem is that less than 25% of all positions require a college degree and we already have millions of degreed people working in positions that pay far less than degreed positions.

This individual then came back and said that if you save 15% of your income each year, you would not be dependent on social security, which I agreed with. The only problem is that if you are fortunate to make enough to cover your fixed costs (food, housing, and utilities) that you have something left to save. But more importantly if you are the only one who has saved or are in the vast minority, where do you think the government is going to go to get money to pay those who were unable to save for retirement? That is right we see it already happening.

  • Taxation on SS benefits above a specified income.
  • Luxury tax on boats and cars.
  • Additional tax on eating out.
  • Phasing out of dependency exemptions above a specified income
  • Alternative minimum tax
  • Phasing out of itemized deductions
And the list is growing. The best way to protect your savings and your future is to have everyone save so that you are not the source of tax revenues in the future.

When it was all said and done, this individual left. Those that remained pondered the discussion. One of the five remaining told me I had his vote. The others were smiling.

Many will say I am not a viable candidate because I spend very little. This five minute interaction is what I do. I cannot buy enough time on radio or TV to get my message out. It takes longer than that. However, this one on one interaction or small group gathering pays off. They are more likely to vote and more importantly more likely to tell others and spread the word. I ask all those who support my platform who believe in the same issues to go out and speak to others. We need public involvement and we need an educated public to have an effective government of the people, by the people and for the people.


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