Sunday, May 18, 2008

Senatorial Blackmail

I heard on WOWO that Feinstein, Dianne- (D - CA) has snuck in an amnesty provision inside the funding for the Iraq war. To me this is treason. We have laws in this country dealing with immigration. We also have a military action taking place over seas. At the same time Al-Qaeda has stated they are going to attack us at every opportunity. Feinstein is attempting to coerce others into either letting the United States be over run from within or overrun from outside.

This is a good reason why congress should have to read each bill being voted on and if they have not, it must be counted as a no vote. Maybe before each bill, Senators and Representatives should have to take comprehension test about the bill. I bet that would be an eye-opener. We could then find out which of our elected representatives actually understand what they are voting on.

To me it just is not right to add a provision to any bill that has no association with it. Each bill should stand on its own merits. However, when politicians do what Feinstein has done, it gives politics a the connotation it deserves and that is one of disrespect. Blackmail is against the law and this is nothing more than Feinstein blackmailing the American People.


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