Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My proposal for voting on legislation.

Our elected representatives need to do a much better job of reading the bills they vote for. I would propose the following;

  • If a representative is not in the chamber when a vote is taken, their vote is automatically counted as a no vote. This makes sure that they are not skirting an issue. Every elected representative must take a stand for or against.
  • If a representative has not read the bill in its entirety, then they must vote no. This keeps ignorant individuals from voting for a bill, not know what they are doing and we the constituents getting hammered by bad legislation. An example is the Patriot Act. It came out the same day they voted on it. There is no way anyone of these elected representatives read the bill. It is better that no bill is passed than a bad one.
They have a responsibility to us to read and understand what they are voting on. Many companies hold their employees accountable for reading and understanding procedures with many have the employee initial and date a form.

If they do not have time to read every bill that is up for a vote, then they are creating far too many bills.


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