Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Consequences of Annexation

Cause and effect may not show up for years, but recently one of the effects of the annexation of both Northwest Allen County and Aboite has now hit home. After the annexation, Allen County let go 14 highway workers. The reason was pretty simple, with reduced revenue, the county had to reduce expenses. The problem is that the area of maintenance did not reduce in proportion to the reduction in revenues.

With weather getting worse and snow on the horizon Allen County now finds itself unable to cope with snow removal it once did. Both Southwest, East and Northwest Allen County schools now face a problem with how to get school busses down county roads that may not be plowed as quickly as in the past. I have heard that most likely these school districts will see increased snow days. This is obviously a large impact on families.

Maybe the allocation of the 1% county income tax between Fort Wayne and Allen County should not be split based on proportion of people but in proportion to land area. Fort Wayne says we use their facilities, but the reality is Fort Wayne relies on the roads in the county to get in and out of Fort Wayne.


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