Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Honor, Trust and Responsibility

This election is about the future. How many want a better future? How many want a higher standard of living? How many want their children to do better? I do not know anyone who would disagree with any of these do you?

Our economy is in shambles, oil prices have come down, but the unemployment rate has increased. Grocery prices are high due to ethanol consuming corn that used to be used to feed Cattle, pork and poultry. Farmers decided to switch from wheat production to corn, resulting in over $3 a loaf for bread!

Unintended consequences are the norm. Congress is so proud to say they did this and that, but in reality they were spending our money and when what they took from us was not enough, they borrowed more resulting in devaluation of the dollar. Then they decided to help us with a stimulus package costing $120 billion. Money we did not have, but they borrowed from China.

The more Congress takes from us, the less we have to pay for homes, healthcare, college for our children and save for our own retirement. The U.S. savings rate is close to zero. When do we begin to save for retirement?

I like to use the example put forth by the airline industry in an emergency situation. When the oxygen masks fall, do not help your child or other person first, but make sure yours is properly on first and then attend to others. The reason is simple. If you help your child first and then attempt to get yours on and fail, pass out, then what happens if the child knocks theirs off? Who is there to help them? The simple truth is we must provide for our families first before we are capable of helping others, for if we are unable care for our own families, how much help can we truly provide to others?

It is our responsibility to pay for those program we want. If we do not want to pay the required taxes for them, then those programs must be eliminated.

It is time to just say no to more spending. We do it when we are laid off. We do it when our children want something they cannot have. We as a nation must stand up in unison and in one voice say no to more spending! It is not right for politicians to create deficits, borrow the money and give the bill to our children and grandchildren to pay.

This November 4, we all have a fiduciary responsibility to vote responsibly on behalf of our children.


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