Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some want to save us from ourselves

While handing out fliers yesterday, one lady asked “aren’t you the just say no to social security man?” Who says I do not have name recognition. Ok, so they know my logo, but not the name.

She stated to me that not know how to save. This is a true statement, but guess what, in the past 50 years how many budget surpluses have our elected representatives passed? Not one, zero, nada! Since 1958 each and every year’s budget ended in deficit. They spent $9.33 Trillion more than they extolled from us in taxes.

So would it be so bad if some of us were allowed to save? Yes, a few would not save, but the majority would. Under the government method, the vast majority have nothing left to save. In simpler terms the Congress is protecting us from the sin of saving for ourselves.


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