Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who is to blame for our economic mess?

There are two sides to every discussion. In Paschal’s editorial of 8-19-08 (Newsentinel) he states the economic problem lies with republicans and that people should leave the Republican Party. I would add that we should also leave the democrat party as well. For that matter, there should be no political parties at all. Which programs have the largest unfounded liabilities: Social Security at $19 Trillion, Medicare at $12 Trillion both created by Democrats? Which party is addressing these two large problems, neither? Which party borrowed over $120 billion for stimulus checks to taxpayers, Democrats? Which party passed the Medicare Rx drug bill, Republicans? Which party says the 2008 deficit will approach a half trillion dollars, both republicans and democrats. The truth is the 2008 deficit as of August 15 was $599 billion and over the previous five days is growing at $6.3 billion a day!

Both parties are out of control. Both parties have bought votes by promising earmarks, tax credits, stimulus checks or programs at the taxpayers’ expense. If we as Americans want a particular program then we as Americans should have the fortitude to make the sacrifice in terms of paying taxes to pay for it or go without the program. It is not morally or ethically right to borrow money to pay for programs and services we want today and pass the bill onto our children and grandchildren.


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