Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's New Spending Proposal

Today I heard that Obama has a new proposal. It is to have government provide preschool for those ages 0 to 5. The estimated cost is $10 Billion. Do we really think this is all it will cost?

Age – SSA’s 2008 estimated population in that age group

0 - 3,948,269

1 - 3,933,651

2 - 3,929,484

3 - 3,933,759

4 - 3,945,410

Total 19,690,573. The cost then is projected at $507.86 per child, this is just plain stupid. The average cost in Indiana of a student in public education is $6,000 per student. This means that Obama projects about 9% of those ages 0 to 5 of the targeted age group, would participate, yet he envisions every child participating. I guess childhood is now under attack.

We need less government, not more. The more individual responsibility the government takes the less disposable income we all have.


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