Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Status Quo Is Crumbling

Just a few of the comments received recently:

Author: Todd M

I am so sickened by both parties especially Souder. William Larsen drove clear out here to my house at 8:00 pm at night in rural Dekalb County just to chat about the issues with my family and he seemed very informed and down to earth unlike the out of touch robots running on the major tickets. I was proud to help put up his signs all around my area and if I'm considered a spoiler or a protest voter or even a traitor to the Republicans then I wear that badge proudly. I was a straight ticket republican but after the last eight years never ever again will I devote to one or two or even three parties. I will vote my belief as an American and I don't care what others call me anymore, I’m more concerned about what my children will inherit and sadly it doesn't look good mainly because of loyalty to these damn parties and little loyalty or knowledge of the constitution of this country or this state.

I have printed your platform, and am willing to share it in my government classes. As a fellow Harding grad. I wish you well. I do have several students who are not old enough to vote yet, but would be willing to volunteer to work the polls on Nov. 4th. If you have any need for volunteers that day, please call or email me.

Mr. Larsen,

I was a strong supporter of Ron Paul during the primary season, so naturally I'm attracted to your platform. I actually found out about you because I placed a Ron Paul sign in my sisters yard, and you stopped by with some information. I had the chance to read over a good chunk of it, and I could immediately tell that you are a great defender of liberty. Although I am a Republican, I consider myself a Constitutionalist and defender of liberty first, and a Republican second. Mark Souder's voting record is terrible, he is a major proponent in the [failed] war on drugs, voted for the bailout, voted for the so called PATRIOT ACT.. I could go on and on...

That said, I came upon your blog not too long ago. I noticed that you will be debating Montagano and Souder. I would love to attend, and I may be able to bring a liberty loving friend or two along with me. Though I may be misunderstanding the location, is it at the Fort Wayne IPFW campus? If so, I would like to request 3 tickets to the debate. If you can only give out 1 ticket, that's fine.

Additionally, how can I volunteer for your campaign? I don't think there is a Libertarian HQ is .. At the very least, I would like a sign or two to place in my yard.. I also know at least 2 other people that would be willing to place a sign in there yard. I live in Winona, my mother lives on, and another friend lives on the big intersection at Fox Farm Rd. Sorry if you don't know the roads I've mentioned, but I recall that you work at Zimmer, so you might know where I am referring to..

Good luck in your campaign, please don't hesitate if you need any help in Warsaw or the surrounding areas.



Hello William Larsen,
I have received your email stating your position on a number of issues. I understand you are running for congress in the 3rd district
"Candidate for Indiana's 3rd District U.S. Representative," which is the position currently held by Mark Souder.

I would like clarification on a few of your position statements. I will start with energy. You propose turning to alternative means of power. What informs your ideas? Are you in touch with various groups and who do you seek out for your information? Were you looking at wind power for the entire district, or mainly those areas in which the wind farms will be located? What organizations have you contacted and/or talked with regarding energy?

I would like also clarification on immigration. If you do find illegal immigrants here, how will you plan to "remove" them? As well, how will this effect family and friends here? Can you clarify your position on this?

I have to tell you that your approach is refreshing. I enjoyed reading your email attachment. I'm tired of politics as usual, of the tangled web of money that supports campaigns and interests. I have lately thought it might be better to send in a tea bag instead of my tax payment, and I say this in all seriousness.

I know this email will require time to answer. I'm copying my husband, and voting family and friends inside the 3rd district because we have discussed long and often these same issues, each have varying views on them.

I look forward to your reply.



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