Thursday, November 20, 2008

County Council - pay raises?

Allen county Council will vote on increasing the salaries paid to about 50 elected officials. The increase is sizable. The last increase was in 1995. A basis for the increase comes from a comparison of other areas. I find this line of reasoning particularly bad, but it just goes to show that “keeping up with the Jones’s” has not died. It is not like we are hiring someone from outside Allen County and have to entice them to take this position. The last time I checked there were a number of candidates all bidding on the same position.

I would like to point out that due to the annexation by Fort Wayne of most of the county, the work load of the county commissioners should have been reduced. As the city gobbles up more of the county, the miles of road decreases, the number of residents in a way decreased since most in the city turn to the city council and not the county council when they need assistance. Besides, these are elected positions and they knew the pay rate when they campaigned for the office.


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