Monday, November 10, 2008

I did not want to discuss the 2,172 potential registered voters in both Allen County and Florida until after the election. This is not anything new. In fact it is something that has been known about for decades. The Indiana Voter ID Law came about with the intention of curing voter fraud, but now the truth is out that in just one county there could be 2,172 voters who could vote twice.

However, Indiana uses a central registry that makes keeps duplicate registrations in the state of Indiana from happening. Does the Voter ID Law help with this registry, no? The Voter ID Law actually hinders more people in voting than it would curb in fraudulent votes.

The State of Indiana could maintain and most likely improve the voter ID Law by not relying on the Social Security Number that is used to obtain a driver's license or State ID. This one identification is the most misused number in the world and the state of Indiana is relying on it to identify you.

Tod Roquita needs to take another look at this Voter ID Law before the next election.


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