Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Bottom Line - Candidates Positions

Mike speaks a good game (unlike me), but to seriously say you want to save Social Security, provide insurance to children and provide a middle class tax cut is contradictory.

Most taxpayers pay little to no federal income tax so what middle class tax cut is he talking about? Is he going to borrow $120 billion during deficit years (the last budget surplus was 1957) and pass the debt onto our children and grandchildren? Or is he talking about the single largest tax that middle class taxpayers pay, PAYROLL TAXES? If he is talking about cutting payroll taxes, how does he keep his promise to save social security?

Souder is no different. He says he brings back earmarks because if he did not, our district would not get our fair share. Wow, fair share. Do we pay our fair share of the national debt? Are we giving our fair share to our children, the ones who have to pay the finance cost on the deficits?

We all complain about the price of oil, but government is the main culprit. They created the debt we have, the value of the dollar fell in relation to world currencies, the price of oil went up resulting in higher gas prices. Higher gas prices led to higher inflation. Higher inflation led to higher interest rates. This led families to cut back on spending elsewhere. It most likely precipitated the foreclosure we see. This then resulted in AIG going under. Then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went under. This had a lot to do with the legislation to increase home ownership without addressing the ability to pay for a home not to mention the maintenance costs associated with owning a home.

Now we let government bailout the institutions that got greedy, made bad loans, but sold them to the rest of the world. When it was found that the rest of the world had bought into the subprime market their currencies began to fall. This led to a rise in the dollar resulting in the lower oil prices we are now experiencing.

How does the government make more money available, than there already is now, to companies to borrow by borrowing $810 billion and giving it to those institutions who cannot handle money wisely? If Bank A made bad loans, while banks B, C, and D are fine, how does borrowing money from people who would otherwise put money into banks B, C and D into Bank A help companies borrow money? Why would those needing to borrow money not simply change doing business with the bad bank and go to Banks B, C and D? Oh, I get it; it is the full faith and credit of the United States Government (taxpayer). So Souder flipped a coin and bet the farm.

In the end Souder does not propose any change to deficits and Montagano proposes spending more and providing middle class tax relief, the same disease we have had for the past 51 years. The News Sentinel had stated it right.

“Meanwhile, Libertarian candidate Bill Larsen, who does not buy television advertising in his campaign, prescribed one bitter pill after another to treat an ailing economy and put the bloated federal government on a diet. “I hear a lot (about) tax incentives and tax credits, but we can’t afford it,” Larsen said, adding that the U.S. government probably will carry about $11.5 trillion in debt after the financial-rescue bailouts are finished.”

When a child is sick, you give them medicine. Those with kids know their child will fight to swallow a pill or swallow the medicine even though we know it is good for them. Will the American Voter take the medicine to make us better?

I am not the most eloquent speaker. My problem goes back to 1979 when a turbine exploded beneath my feet. Traumatic head injury coupled with severe loss of blood, steam burns, then covered with high temperature paint from the paint locker next to where I was standing and then all the flying debris slicing. I have difficulty speaking ever since 1979. Words are sometimes difficult to get out. However, the neurologists say my analytical ability is still way above average. If you want good speakers, I am most likely not the person you want in congress. If you want someone who can analyze the problem, dissect propose legislation, vote intelligently on issues and represent your voice, then Larsen is your candidate.

The person who found me that terrible morning can be seen on page 5A of the JG in Saturday’s paper.


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