Saturday, November 01, 2008

News Sentinel Reports other than Mud!

I was getting a bit down. I am not as young as I used to be and it is getting tougher each time I campaign. The district is covers from Ohio to Michigan to Warsaw. It takes a lot of work, time and thought. This year I have had more help and I truly appreciate everyone's time and effort.

Bob Caylor of the The News Sentinel wrote Congressional candidates trade jabs, illuminate differences in debate. I read it and was impressed with the article. Bob presented what took place. He presented what I said.

Meanwhile, Libertarian candidate Bill Larsen, who does not buy television advertising in his campaign, prescribed one bitter pill after another to treat an ailing economy and put the bloated federal government on a diet. “I hear a lot (about) tax incentives and tax credits, but we can’t afford it,” Larsen said, adding that the U.S. government probably will carry about $11.5 trillion in debt after the financial-rescue bailouts are finished."

"We’ve put $1.2 trillion into this bailout, and we have nothing to show for it,” Larsen said. “There’s no control over who gets the money and how it’s used.”

Larsen, an engineer, said his style in Congress would draw on his analytical problem-solving approach. “We engineers have a saying: In God we trust; all others bring data.” He said he would work hard to educate constituents about crucial issues."

Larsen disagreed with both. He said that wind power could provide more than enough power for U.S. needs, and the country should convert to wind power rather than costly nuclear or dirty and dangerous coal."

Thanks Bob for presenting what I said!

I like the bitter pill, because that is an accurate description of just what is required. After 51 years of deficit spending racking up $9.33 Trillion in debt, it is a huge pill to swallow. This country or maybe only Congress is addicted to deficit spending.

As I stated to those in attendance, I was not going to lie to them that it was going to be easy, that we could borrow, spend and decrease taxes. I told them I could say no! Can the voters stand to hear this and support it is the question?


At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill, I am supporting you becuase at long last it is time for some fiscal responsiblity in Congress. We have to end the shopping spree mentality that has got us into this mess. Souder has been wrong too many times - most recently the seriously flawed bailout bill and coming home while other principled Republican members of the House stayed over the recess period to protest the Dems lack of movement on a new Energy Policy. I work at Zimmer too, so I'll stop by to introduce myself. Good Luck on Tuesday!

At 9:14 AM, Blogger William Larsen said...

Anonymous, thanks for the support. I have spent my time speaking one on one to people on my positions. I am hoping this will create the word-of-mouth vote I received in 2006.

Please send this pdf file to everyone you know


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