Saturday, November 01, 2008

WANE 15 Coverage of the Debate

WANE 15 TV on both the 6:00 and 11:00 news stated Larsen (me) stuck to the issues while Souder and Montagano attacked each other. I guess I missed the point about a debate. I was under the impression that a debate was about the issues facing the United States and in particular Indiana's 3rd district. Did I do a great job, no. But when neither of the other two actually answers a question on the issues what is there really to debate?

What aired on 15 and 21 were basically the attacks by my two opponents. Mud and negative campaigning is the American Way, its "sexy" while answering the questions, addressing the issues are boring. If the news anchors are correct that the debate was between just Souder and Montagano, then we as a country have truly lost our way. Both spoke of bigger government. Both spoke of what they could bring back to the 3rd district in terms of money for projects. Both want middle class tax cuts while Montagano wants to direct money to Social Security.

How on earth do they resolve the conflict between wanting lower taxes and eliminate deficit spending while spending more? They say taxes are too high, spending is too low and deficits are bad. Anyone who believes these two must be an idiot.

I thought the people wanted a change; balance the budget, address jobs, energy, immigration and more. But after today, I think that most people may be just lemmies with the lead lemmie being the news media.


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